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HoNESt staff members
Anne Bergmans
Pieter Cools

The research group Environment & Society represents the University of Antwerpen (UA) in the HoNESt research project. Environment & Society resorts under the Faculty of Social Sciences and has expertise in social impact assessment, social and stakeholder mapping, environmental sociology and science and technology studies. The group conducts social scientific research on (trends in) environmental policy, policy evaluation methods, public support for policy and (risk) perception. It is also involved with the development of contemporary risk communication methodology and public participation. The team is familiar with interdisciplinary, comprehensive and policy-oriented research by means of both quantitative and qualitative methods. A good part of our projects are action research oriented, where researchers work in transdisciplinary settings with the aim to bridge and combine different kinds of academic and non-academic knowledge.

Role in HoNESt

The role of the University of Antwerp in HoNEST pertains to a supporting role in ‘understanding perceptions and mechanisms for societal engagement’ (WP4) and contributing to the work on ‘Backcasting: ideal futures’ (WP5).