Nikolai Voloshin

The Institute of History and Archaeology

Researcher, WP2

Investigator, WP2 Nikolai Voloshin, Doctor of Science (1989), Professor (2001), CEO assistant Zababakhin Russian Federal Nuclear Centre –Russian Research Institute of Technical Physics Zababakhin. Research interests: high energy density physics, laser technology, explosive deuterium power engineering, radiation medicine. Functions in the project: providing of certain historical sources on the project's topic, consultations on documents selection, as well as issues of correct use of special terminology in the notes.

Relevant Publications

Voloshin N.P. 2009. K istorii otechestvennogo atomnogo proekta (To history of the domestic nuclear project). Мoscow.
Artemov, E.T., Voloshin N.P. 2009. (eds.) Atomnye Goroda Urala. Gorod Snezhinsk: Entsiklopediia (Nuclear Towns of the Ural. The town of Snezhinsk: Encyclopedia). Ekaterinburg.