Nuclear International Research Group (NIRG)

Ceiden (Association for research and development on nuclear fision)
Research project on The Deployment of Nuclear Energy in Spain: economy, business and finances (1950s-1980s)

ENRESA (Empresa Nacional de Residuos Radioactivos S.A./ National Radioactive Waste company)
ENSA (Equipos Nucleares SA/Nuclear Equipment Company)
ENUSA(Empresa Nacional del Uranio S.A./ National Uranium company)
TECNATOM(global leader in delivering advanced nuclear engineering)

Spanish Nuclear power plants
1968- 2006 Zorita (José Cabrera)
1971-2013* Santa María de Garoña
1972-1989 Vandellós I
1981- Almaraz I (1984 Almaraz II)
1985- Ascó I (1986 Ascó II)
1985- Cofrentes
1988- Trillo
1988- Vandellós II

Foro Nuclear (Since the year 1962 representing the interests of the Spanish nuclear sector)
GMF (Group of European Municipalities with nuclear facilities)
SNE (Sociedad Nuclear Española / Spanish Nuclear Society)
FORATOM European Atomic Forum
ENS European Nuclear Society
SNETP Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform
NUGENIA Nuclear Generation II & III Association

Consejo Seguridad Nuclear (Nuclear Security Council)